Why need to get insurance for gadgets when travelling?

When you are a person who loves to travel and has been to different parts of the world, you know how much you need to keep an eye on your belongings. You need to keep them safe and away from people who may steal them, not just your money, clothes, but also your precious gadgets.

You may have experienced getting your phone stolen and know how bad it feels. Even though you have experienced getting your gadget stolen, you still can’t leave it at home.

Most travelers will either have their camera, a laptop, phone, or even their tablets with them, and there is no other way but to keep them insured, otherwise, you can become paranoid while on vacation or have your devices ready to be pounced on. This is when travel insurance for gadgets counts the most.

Do travel insurance cover gadgets?

 insurance for gadgets when travelling

Most travel insurance doesn’t cover gadgets, specifically mobile phones, because phones are frequently stolen or lost during travel.

Although there is travel insurance that will cover your gadget, they will have such a low level of cover while requiring the traveler to pay huge fees.

There are insurance companies that will cover your phone or other gadgets for a certain cost, there are limits and exclusions that you must understand also.

Make sure that you read the fine prints, as well, before you go committing to the supposed gadget coverage.

There are insurance companies that will have a single item limit insured that goes with your travel insurance, and it can be your smartphone, laptop, or even your camera.

Is it worth getting gadget cover on travel insurance?

 insurance for gadgets when travelling

When you travel, you will always bring your devices with you since you will use them while you are away from home. It can either be a laptop that you will utilize to get some work done, your smartphone to keep in touch at home and can be used as a camera as well, an expensive camera to capture the spectacular sceneries and the experience.

When you bring these items with you, there is also a risk of your gadgets getting lost or stolen, even getting them damaged for some reason. It is just right to have insurance in place that will cover your gadgets and devices, so you have peace of mind while you travel. You can also rest well at night, knowing that if anything happens the next day, you have a way of getting your gadgets repaired or replaced. Some samples of standard coverage being offered by most insurance companies are for laptops, tablets, cameras, and electronic devices that are hand held.

For optional gadget cover add-on, it includes your devices covered in cases of the following;


The insurance company will replace any gadget that is stolen while you are traveling. If there are only parts that are stolen, these are the parts considered replaceable. For smartphones, where someone else used it to make calls when it was stolen, the insurance company will also pay for the phone bill. However, there is a maximum amount that the company will shoulder, so this should be something that you should know beforehand as well.


If in case you forgot your phone on the table or you left it somewhere else and cannot retrieve it, the insurance company will replace it. Though there are provisions for lost gadgets and devices, make sure that you have understood the rules when you pay for the insurance coverage for gadgets and devices.

Damaged Gadgets/Devices

The insurance company will check the extent of damage and then have it repaired, but if your gadget is no longer repairable, they will replace it.

It is the same for damage caused by any liquid or in cases your phone fall on the sink full of water or in the bathroom, the insurance company will also replace it if it is no longer repairable.

What is multi-gadget insurance?

Insurance coverage will include not just one or two types of gadgets that you own, where some insurance company offers coverage for many devices. Other insurance companies have higher limits of gadgets that are covered, but they will have a limit on the amount of the policy covers.

This is the simplest way to have all your gadgets insured where you only require one payment for all. This is the way to save on policy covers for your gadgets and devices.

There is a downside to this as well cause if you need to claim on this policy once you lose a gadget, the premium you are paying can add up in the future.

Family multi gadget insurance

This is the best coverage for the entire family since everyone in the household is using one or more gadgets, and with the insurance that can give coverage for all the gadgets a family owns, there are bigger savings. They also consider this the most cost-effective way to protect all electronic devices owned by a family, as compared to having each gadget insured individually.

Having one insurance policy for all the gadgets makes it easier to manage.

If a family is home or traveling abroad, they have something to fall back on, in case, a member loses a phone, camera, or laptop.

A typical household can own a smartphone, laptops, cameras, game consoles, iPad, even Sat-Navigator, and having a policy that will cover each of these gadgets will be a big help for the entire family and lessens the stress.

There are exclusions to common gadget insurance, which may include the following;

  • Any devices that are not included in your policy.
  • They will not cover photos, software downloads, or any apps contained in your gadgets.
  • Any gadgets that are over two years old and a year old for some are not covered. You may check this one when you get a policy.
  • The insurance company will not cover damage caused by recklessness. You are expected to take care of your gadgets, and if found that you did not use reasonable care, your claim will be rejected.
  • Other insurance companies will not cover damage if your gadget is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so best to check this out first.

Best gadget insurance in the UK

Protect your bubble

They register this company in England and Wales and have over a million policies sold all over the UK, Ireland, and the US. They come highly recommended, and they cover accidental damage, liquid damage, mechanical breakdown, in case of loss, and theft.

Switched On Insurance

This company also covers family gadget insurance for just a measly amount. They boast of a more affordable policy, and they have a high trust rating as well.

They are considered the top insurance company that is preferred by most families in the UK because of their affordable gadget insurance package.

Cover Cloud Insurance

The company that created this insurance has been in the business for decades and has continuously provided different insurance policies that cater to many people.

They offer gadget insurance, travel insurance, pet, and bicycle insurance as well.

They offer multiple gadget protection with huge discounts.

Love it Cover it Insurance

This company is in partnership with AXA and has been in the insurance business for almost 30 years. They boast of insuring over a million devices and continually adding each year.

They provide insurance for phones, cameras, tablets, smart watches, and laptops with an unlimited claims and repair scheme.

Tin Hat Gadget Insurance

This company covers laptops, smart watches, tablets, cameras, DSLR, Headphones, Mobile, Go Pros, and Game Consoles. They offer unlimited claims, which is an edge over the other insurance company.

Most of the reviews for Tin Hat mentioned their best service, their competitive cost, and the excellent value they place on their clients.

Trusted Insurances

This company offers good value for your money. They offer simple terms that are easy to understand, with prices that are easy to afford. With their 24/7 online claims portal that is available, then claiming is easy. Trusted insurances also offer an instant quote for those who are interested in their service.

What you have to remember when claiming your gadget insurance

 insurance for gadgets when travelling

  • There is a time limit when you report the incident. If your gadget got stolen, it should be reported to the police cause time can run out. You should know there is a possibility that your claim may not prosper for not reporting the theft to the police/insurance company at the soonest time.
  • You should have evidence to show when you report it. For a lost phone, you may need to show proof of purchase and the details of how it was damaged or lost, or even stolen. It is the same when you need to claim with the insurance company, make sure you have the things you need to back up your claim.
  • Check the types of claims you can make on your gadget and if it includes the reasoning you have. Read the steps so you can make the claim easily.
  • Know the model or the make of your gadget cause this will make claiming faster. You can show any receipt if you have it as well.
  • You may have difficulty in claiming counterfeit items.


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