What is the best size luggage for international travel?

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You bought your ticket, you set your destination, and you have planned all your activities. Now you need to get your stuff ready and head to the airport. But wait! make sure you know what is the best size luggage for international travel, so do this step before you find yourself packing a bag that’s going to cause you issues whether it be for your items you are packing or the people surrounding you. You want to have a look at this article; we cover what we believe to be most of the details you need to consider before packing your bag and heading off to a faraway place.


international travel

What is the best size luggage for international travel?

You want to travel, you’re young, and your ambitions are big, so you want to soak it all in and see the world. Before you take flight, you need to pack first. You might know precisely what you want to pack but what to pack it in is a different question on its own.

Luggage is your one genuine and trusty friend when it comes to travelling, whether it be your carry on or the big bag you have to lug around. This makes it so important to choose the right luggage for your travels to minimize inconveniences when travelling. There is so much this world has to explore, let’s help you out and get this in the bag and you on your way.


This blog post is pretty simple and straight to the point. These pages will travel from what to pack, what types of luggage to choose from to the kinds of materials to choose from and ending our destination with some great tips on choosing your luggage.

Our carry-on luggage picks for international travel.


Packing your big bag for travels is one thing, but you also need some self-care products with you on the flight, you know, like some hand cream, and earphones. This is why airports allow you to have a carry on bag for all your little nitty-gritty things so that your pockets don’t overflow. The most significant benefit is with long layovers during flights, having a small carry on friend could do you wonders, especially if you need a snack.

What can you pack in your carry on? These items vary from essential on the go needs to some pricy items you prefer to keep on you. Here is a list you may need.

best size luggage

– Cameras

– iPods

– Change of clothes

– books

– snacks

– laptop

– Jewellery

– legal documentation

– Toiletries

Remember the purpose of a carry on is too convenient and small enough to fit in the compartment above your seat. Keep others in mind also, you don’t want to be bumping into people with a big carry on bag.

Some rules

international travel

There are some rules to keep in mind when it comes to carry on luggage. These are generally for the safety of you, other passengers and the airline. You don’t want to go to a crash landing because you didn’t know about a rule. At least they are relatively simple.

– Liquids have to be 100 millilitres and carted in a transparent, reusable bag or package.

– All liquids may not exceed 1 liter. So that’s ten bottles in total you can carry.

– Your bag will be checked by security officers to ensure you are complying with the rules

What is not allowed?


As there are rules, there are also prohibited items you shouldn’t even consider taking on a trip.

– sharp objects such as scissors

– Firearms

– Martial arts items

– sporting equipment

– tools

– explosives

– illegal substances such as drugs

best size luggage

what size, weight, price

What is the best size luggage for international travel, weight and price is essential to keep in mind? You don’t want to have to leave something behind for the sake of checking all the boxes, so make sure you do beforehand.

Size is a highly monitored requirement. Hand luggage or carry on bags should be the following dimensions: 45 cm by 25 cm by 56 cm. If you’r carry on luggage is larger than this, you won’t be allowed to carry it onto the aircraft with you. Great news regarding your budget! You can take one carry on bag and one slimline laptop bag onto the plane with you for free. Finally, you’r carry on bag should not weigh more than 8 Kg. You don’t want that embarrassing moment where you have to take some things out and then your left without your hair straightener.

Some examples of carry-ons

Now you know what you can pack, you the rules that apply and some details on what the requirements for a carry on bag are. Here are some examples of what qualifies as a carry on bags. Handbags are perfect carry on bags and generally do the trick for all your needs for self-care during your travels. If you need something that helps with some organizing, then a backpack is a perfect choice. At the end of the day, if you carry on bag meets the requirements mentioned above, then anything smallish bag counts as a carry-on.

international travelBuying guide to the best suitcase for international travel

Knowing your luggage facts are not all the same as that of a carry on bag. With your big suitcases, you need to know what what is the best size luggage for international travel, the types of bags and their measurements. Maybe even what you can pack in your big bag to make sure you are all set for your international destination.

Getting your luggage from point A to B needs to be considered and specifically what would be best to do so regarding your luggage. Here are some things to consider when it comes to moving around with your luggage.

Your options are between four-wheeled bags, two-wheeled bags or no wheels at all. Don’t worry; we will highlight the benefits of each to help your decision-making process.

Four-wheel bags are the best for sliding around on floors of airports or train stations. It’s al about pushing versus pulling. The four-wheel bags allow you to push your luggage around, which is beneficial when having to take your surroundings and others into consideration. You can avoid bumping people or things because your luggage is in full sight the whole time. By pushing your luggage infant of you also helps if you have a heavy bag.



Two wheels are the types of bags you pull around, not so gentle on your arm being in a backwards position the whole time; they are much better for bumpier floors. Thus using a two-wheel is better to use in Venice whereas a four-wheel bag is more beneficial in New York where its tarred roads and not brick laid streets.

To wheel or not to the wheel, Bags with no wheels also have benefits to that of wheeled luggage. These are better for short term travels or for people who pack light anyway. These also save on luggage weight so you can pack a bit more than you need, just in case.

What is the best size luggage for international travel, let’s look at measurements

Naturally, you get different sized bags, and they all depend on things such as wheels vs no wheels etc. We are going to have a look at the different sizes and what benefits they hold. For easy comparison, you can scroll down and have a look at the core benefits each of the different categories offer.

18″ – 22

best size

” Suitcase

These sizes are perfect for your quick fast-moving travellers if it’s a quick getaway to Hawaii with the girls or a business trip. You can fit in a lot if you use some packing tips and tricks such as rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

24″ – 27″ Suitcase

This is where we start checking in the bags from this size. It is a perfect size for average height people to pull around, or carry depending on your choice of wheels or not.

28″ – 30″ Suitcase

This bag is perfect for tall people, so if you’ r a lady this might not be the one for you. It is beneficial when it comes to packing more items. These suitcases, when accompanied by wheels, are great to pull around an airport or train station.

Do luggage materials even matter?

When it comes to travelling far, for sure! Materials differ in durability, density and weight. Choosing which material is best suited for you should be measured by where you are going and how far you’ r travelling. If you are traveling to wet regions, a bag that is dense such as Polycarbonate is best. Let’s have a look at our options.

Polycarbonate Suitcas

This material is hard, meaning the chances of this suitcase caving in and harming anything inside is zero to none. The problem here is, these bags scratch easily and cracks on occasion, which decreases its protective qualities. This type of suitcase is most popular due to it being so lightweight. So if you take care of it, it should do the job you need it to do.

Nylon Suitcase

This is the most durable option! Nylon is durable and lightweight, what a score. These bags are great for squeezing in some extra items. You know like those scenes in the movies where the girl sits on the bag just to fit that last pair of shoes in. It’s that bag. You can be sure that your stuff is safe if this bag, these types are even used for military purposes.


This one isn’t the most durable choice, but it is cheaper. These bags are the easiest to find on sale, but as mentioned, they don’t last long so it makes sense that they would be on sale. This bag is not highly recommended.

The best luggage for a travel comparison chart


That’s a lot of information to keep in mind, here’s a summary chart with the core benefits of each type of luggage. Remember that you have to keep al your goals in mind to help you make the best choice, these are simple guidelines to the general information one needs when choosing your bag.

Mobility Measurement Materials

4 wheels

Easiest to push 18″ – 22″

Perfect for any height Polycarbonate

Semi durable

2 wheels

easiest to pull 24″ – 27″

Perfect for average height person Nylon

Most durable

No wheels

Convenient for any mobility 28″ – 30″

Perfect for tall persons Polyester

Least durable

Tips on how to choose the best luggage for travel

Having information on what is the best size luggage for international travel comes in handy, and we hope it has been beneficial thus far, but choosing your bag is another story. Coming to a decision can be so hard because you don’t only want the perks, but you want something aesthetic too. Here are some tips when choosing your luggage.

size luggage

– Looking at your options, you have come across a couple of options, which one to choose?. You can start by looking at the warranties. If you travel more often, then a more extended warranty might be a better choice for you.

– Colours, so many options! Generally, the angle one wants to take is to find something that will stand out from the rest so go bright and bold! Another thing you can do to make sure you find your suitcase is to add a strap that only you have to help your bag stand out when you’ r waiting for it to come through on the conveyor belt.

– This might feel odd, but take a measuring tape with when shopping for that perfect bag. It is better to make double sure your luggage meets the best size of luggage measurements for international travel.

– Do some research; each airline has different size restrictions, so have a look at where you are most likely to go and determine the size of the bag off of that information.

– Right before you swipe your card check the quality. Make sure the wheels are rolling, the zipper is sliding, and the handle moves smoothly.

 best size luggage for international travel


Travelling is fun! And you want it to go as smooth as possible. Sitting on a plane for hours on end is tiresome, but you can enhance your convenience levels by taking care of the small details, starting with your luggage. There are many tips and tricks to follow and multiple aspects to take into consideration before purchasing a bag.

You can have a look and double-check your luggage information on the IATA website, which like all your informational needs regarding international travel.


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