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What is My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

Have you ever thought of making some extra money in the comfort of your home? If not, I have something for you. If you are a mother looking for a waty to bring in some extra income from home, My 20 Dollar Travel Business has you in mind. In this article, therefore, we will take a look at what MY 20 Dollar Travel Business is, what it has in store for you, the pros, cons, and some of the reasons why you sign up. Let’s get started with this My 20 Travel Business review.

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What is my 20 Dollar Travel Business?

I know that you already have an idea of what we are talking about. Well, My 20 Dollar travel business is a company that offers discounts on a range of travel commodities such as hotels, resorts, rental cars, and many other specialties you can think of. It allows you to make money through referrals since it is an MLM company.

The main reason behind this company’s formation , therefore, is to enable you to travel around the world cheaply while still making some money off it. How amazing? The company was launched in 2019 by Steve Gresham.

How does it work?

Travel Business?

My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers discounts ranging from 75-90% on different travel commodities. To be eligible for these discounts, you have to own a membership plan, which gives you access to the company’s travel discounts search engine. My 20 Dollar Travel Business also offers commission on each recruit. For instance, one gets 50 percent one each amount a recruit pays for Platinum membership and 25 percent of their monthly membership fee. You also get money when your recruits recruit other people and so on.

How do you make money from My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

There are four ways of making money from this company. These are:

i) Fast Start Referral Commissions

This is the money you earn when you recruit someone to the company. You, therefore, get 50 percent for every Platinum member, 20 percent for every Gold member, and 50 cents for every standard member. The good news is, you can still earn the 50% commission offered on Platinum membership referrals regardless of your membership level. A standard member can, therefore, reap heavily from a Platinum member referral.

20 Dollar Travel

ii) Direct referral monthly commission

Well, the commission you get from My 20 Dollar Travel Business does not end at the referral stage. You will continue getting 25percent of the membership fee from your direct referrals. For example, you will earn 25 percent from the twenty-dollar monthly fee your Gold referral pays. What happens when your referral quits? Simple. You stop receiving the money.

iii) The 2*10 Uni-level forced Matrix Pay Plan.

Your recruits will also recruit people. This forced Matrix payment plan, therefore, offers you 5 percent of the monthly membership fees for up to ten levels of your organization membership. Each member in the matrix will only have two people below them. Let me help you break this down. You are obviously at the top. Below you, there will be two personal recruits. Each recruit will also recruit two other people, which gives us four people on the second level of the matrix.

This goes on for up to ten levels. Well, if you do your math well, you will be earning a 5% membership fee from a total of 2048 members. It even gets better if the majority of the members are on Platinum membership. Imagine raking a cool 1000 dollars a month.

This is where most people with My 20 Dollar Business memberships earn.

iv) Incentives

You can make some cash through incentives. This option is, however, limited to a Platinum membership plan. A platinum member qualifies for two bonus incentives. The first bonus is usually called “Dream Vacation,” which is a $3000 luxury vacation. You, however, need 12 Platinum points to qualify.

In case you are wondering how you can get Platinum points, here is something for you. Platinum members earn a point every month. You will get the other points from every Platinum membership referral.

20 Dollar Travel Business

What do I do once I get the 12 points? Pretty simple. Just request your prize through the back office. Well, have in mind that the incentive only covers the accommodation fee of two adults and up to four children. You can pick any resort of your choice in Mexico, Orlando, Florida, or Las Vegas.

The second bonus is Global vacation, and just like you guessed, it has a higher value.

You will need thirty Platinum points to be eligible. Unlike the first incentive, Global Vacation takes care of accommodation, transport, and some extra money. You will, therefore, have 3000 dollars for accommodation, 1000 dollars for transportation and an extra 1000, totaling to 5000 dollars. You can also travel to any destination of your choice.

What are the membership plans?


To be a part of My 20 Dollar Travel Business, you have to sign up and purchase a membership plan which should be renewed monthly. Here are the three membership options:

i) Standard

Standard membership goes for only a dollar, which makes it pretty affordable. It automatically upgrades itself to Gold after the first month. Standard membership does not give you access to the travel documents search engine, but you can still recruit people and get commissions.

ii) Gold

Gold membership only costs 20 dollars a month. Unlike Standard, you get access to the travel discounts search engine. The only drawback you will come across is that you cannot qualify for the bonus incentives and other additional bonuses.

iii) Platinum

Platinum is the most expensive membership plan.It costs $100 a month. Platinum, however, offers you access to the travel discounts search engine, bonus incentives, and other additional bonuses. Everyone’s goal is to elevate to Platinum and as a result you will get an automatic upgrade from Gold once you reach the threshold of earning $300. All the payments and membership fees will, therefore, come out of your earnings. Remember, the company wants the best for you hence the automatic upgrade.


i) Cheap entry- One of the selling points of My 20 Dollar travel business is its affordable entry price. Standard membership only costs a dollar. Even though it does not allow you access to the travel discount engine, you can still make some money from recruitment. Apart from the money, you can quickly shift to Gold membership for only $20 after a month. Either way, these two subscriptions are still pretty affordable.

ii) Training- You won’t have a hard time navigating this fantastic business idea. My 20 Dollar Travel business offers coaching to recruits on how to make some money, through their YouTube channel or personal back office.

You will, therefore, learn how the company works, the compensation plans in place, and how to maximize your returns. What more can you ask?

iii) Support- One of the most frustrating things in the world is slow or unbothered customer support. My 20 Dollar travel business thrives in customer support. You can quickly get any assistance through their live chat website. Did I mention that it is also fast and accurate?

iv) Free website- One of the perks of joining My 20 Dollar Travel business is a free pre-made website. Keep in mind that this website is the exact copy of the company’s official website.


You will recruit people through the website. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you can easily send people to sign up and gather as many recruits as possible. Remember, the more the number of active recruits you have, the more the returns.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers several ways of making money. You will also get automatically upgraded to Platinum if you meet a $300 threshold from your Gold membership.


A My 20 Travel Business review cannot be complete without discussing some of the cons of the business idea. Let’s get straight to it.

i) It cannot be retailed- Well, from our previous discussions, you do realize that My 20 Dollar Travel business highly entirely depends on recruiting new people. You must, therefore, look for recruits for you to earn.

ii) It has an expensive platinum membership- You have to give it to My 20 Dollar Travel Business for its pretty affordable standard and Gold memberships. The only problem comes in with the Platinum membership. Platinum membership will cost you $100 a month, which is really on the higher side.

iii) Only the Platinum membership plan offers incentives, which is pretty tough to achieve since most people prefer the Gold membership plan.

From our discussion, it is pretty evident that the pros outweigh the cons. Gold membership can also be a good alternative to Platinum membership, and even though this business’ service cannot be sold, you can still make some good income.

Is my 20 Dollar Travel Business Worth it?

Travel Business

Absolutely. This investment opportunity has several ways of easily making money from the comfort of your home. Platinum membership also allows you to win different incentives and travel to your dream destination. The joining membership fee is also really cheap. Just Imagine traveling cheaply and making money while at it. Unbelievable, right?


You can easily make extra income at the comfort of your home from all the membership benefits my 20 dollar travel business has. Sign up now via and get to explore the world while earning handsomely at the same time..

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