Travelling strikes unlimited

Strikes Unlimited

 Travelling strikes

Strikes Unlimited, is based in California, USA. It is part of the Bowling Centers firm. The Strikes Unlimited community employs 90 people across all locations.

Upon entering Strikes Unlimited, you will be immediately greeted with undoubtedly funny sounds. The zoo of the bowling ball hitting the street pins the drums and resonances of the electric guitar Halftime Bar & Grill as the best concert bands in Sacramento shake the house laughs. From kids jumping from game to game in our arcade, our facilities are complete!

A traditional site located in Rocklin on Lonetree Blvd. Has a 50-lane bowling alley in a fun and lively environment. Whether it’s a bowling alley, a meeting room, your company’s annual sales department, or a private space like the Private Lounge Back Alley for birthday parties or corporate events, we have the space you need.

The soundtrack of our site is you having fun. Whether you’re here for bowling, corporate events, live music, great food, drinks, or an arcade, Strikes Unlimited can be considered fun!

Did you know that ten-pin bowling has more than 95 million people in more than 90 countries, covering all uninhabited continents? At Strikes Unlimited, our bowling league offers a fun way to compete to meet new people, have fun with friends, and exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you are a senior, novice pitcher, or an experienced professional. We have a link for you! Our alloy has several advantages, such as: There are Discounts on food and beverages at Snack Bar and Halftime Bar & Grill.

Unlike other sports, you don’t have to be the best player to win; our league was created thinking about the average player. Our league is a handicap league that equals the playground and allows 100 pitchers to compete against an average $ 200 player.

The traditional winter league runs from September to May, and the summer league runs from May to August, so it’s always about the league.

Corporate parties and events


Strikes Unlimited at Rocklin is to create memorable moments. An event for adults and children, Strikes Unlimited is a peaceful and exciting way to celebrate. You can choose one of our criterion banquet packages or ask the event coordinator how to customize your packages. They can accommodate Graduations, Meeting, and Birthday. Help yourself organize a memorable party!


Travelling strikes

We can have a memorable corporate event too! Holiday parties, team building events, product launches, and more. Talk about business in one of our meeting rooms and “attack” your customers or employees in one of our 50 bowling alleys! Rent all of our facilities or one of our two meeting rooms, private bowling alleys or restaurants. Even if you want to celebrate we have a package just for you.

Get out of the norm, and enjoy your next great event. The Strikes Unlimited community combines with the state-of-the-art bowling with blending dishes for a complete recreational experience. With a premium service for all sizes, our fun environment is perfect for all your event planning requirement


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