Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil

The city of Salvador in Brazil is one of the oldest cities in Brazil and also in both of the American continents, the city allows you to experience all the different aspects of Brazilian life from European, indigenous and African cultures. In this travel to the city of Salvador, Brazil article we are going to be exploring the rich history of this city and giving you multiple reasons why you should visit this amazing city at least once in your life.

Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil


How Many People Live in the City of Salvador

Salvador according to the latest population census is the 4th most populated city in the entire country of Brazil with a total population of 3.9 million people when you include the metropolitan area of the city. Since the last 50 years, the population of the city has more than doubled thanks to immigration mostly from internal regions in Brazil where people are moving to the city to find higher-paying jobs and opportunities.


To accommodate the large population in the city of Salvador, Brazil there are well-established transportation links such as the Salvador metro which consists of 20 miles of track that service 20 separate metro stations. A monorail is also set to be completed in the year 2022, which is a train system that runs on tracks that are set up in the air. There are also multiple bus networks, three-way highways and a port that allow for easy travel in and out of the city for the millions of inhabitants and visitors it hosts every year.


Famous People From the City of Salvador

It is no surprise that the city of Salvador has been the birthplace and origin of hundreds of famous and influential figures who have helped shape the country of Brazil and the surrounding regions. One of those figures was Rodolfo Amoedo who is a Brazilian painter and home designer who was an influential figure in the growth and promotion of the Brazilian art scene. Amoedo spent 8 years training in the city of Paris at the prestigious Julius Academy for artists. Rather than remaining in Europe which was much more developed and richer than South America, he instead decided to return to Brazil to contribute to the culture as well as to teach artists in Brazil.


Contemporary well-known figures from the city of Salvador include model Andria Lima who was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018 making her the longest-running model to achieve this much sought-after position, to this day Andria Lima remains one of the most recognizable models in the world. The city is a hotspot for the arts and many famous Brazilian singers such as Dorival Caymmi, Carlinhos Brown and Maria Bethania hail from there.


Key Sights to Visit in the City of Salvador

Being one of the oldest cities in Brazil as well as North and South America, if you are looking to experience traditional old architecture then Salvador is the place for you to go. Salvador is heavily influenced by European culture and all of the old architecture that you will find in the city are identical to the buildings of the same age that you will find across the North Atlantic Ocean in Europe particularly in Hispanic countries such as Portugal and Spain with colorful and vibrant building designs.

Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil


Some particular buildings that are particularly worth a visit are the Sao Francisco church which was build in the year 1750, the Pelourinho which is one of the oldest areas of the city which was the city center in the 17th and 18th century with this area being famous for its colorful facades and finally the Cidade Baixa which is located near the beach and to this day remains an affluent area occupied by big businesses and wealthy individuals, it is home to many old buildings built between the 17th to contemporary centuries. Additionally, Salvador is home to many modern buildings include skyscrapers and state of the art shopping malls.


History of the City of Salvador

When discussing why you should travel to the city of Salvador, Brazil it is important to take into account the rich history of the city. Settlements have existed around the region where the city of Salvador for hundreds of years, occupied by indigenous tribes, however, the city of Salvador only truly came into existence when the area was discovered by an Italian explorer called Amerigo Vespucci on behalf of Portugal in the year 1502 but it was not until 1549 that the first settlers from Portugal arrived.


What set Salvador from the hundreds of other settlements on the eastern Brazilian coast is that it was located next to a spawning ground for whales which allowed for the town to become rich from its whaling industry and attracted thousands of other settlers. By the late 19th century factories began to be built in the city, and the first elevator in the entire country of Brazil was built in Salvador as well as some of the first railroads which helped further cement the economic importance of the city to Brazil.

Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil

The Unique Cultures of the City of Salvador

Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is one of the culturally rich cities on the South American continent, it was founded by immigrants and continues to thrive thanks to how friendly it is to newcomers from all over the world. The literature of the city is influenced mostly by people from European origin while much of the music and cuisine being brought over by slaves and immigrants from West Africa.


In terms of cuisine, due to the proximity of the city to the Atlantic ocean, a large part of the traditional food that hails from the city is based around seafood such as shrimps and fish. Furthermore, the food from Salvador is known to be very spicy and rich in flavor, another important cooking ingredient from the region is coconut milk.

Salvador, Brazil

Religion also shapes the local culture of Salvadore, the majority religion in the city is Catholicism which was brought over by the Portuguese and it helps shape the local laws, buildings, traditions and especially literature with the first books written in the city being written by Jesuit priests who at the time along with the rich were the only people who can read and write in Europe and its colonies.

The Climate in the City of Salvador

The climate in the city of Salvador is officially described as a tropical rainforest climate which means that throughout the whole year it is on average very hot in the region where the city is located with the average temperature being 25.3 degrees Celcius throughout the year. This daily heat is further boosted by the humidity due to the rainy weather in the region where cold raindrops will come in contact with the hot weather causing the water to evaporate quickly thus causing the air around to be very high in moisture.


Therefore if you are looking to go somewhere warm where you can enjoy the beaches for most of the year then the city of Salvador may be the perfect location for you. If you are looking to visit at a time where there will be as little rain as possible then it is best to visit during the months of December and January which are the driest.

Travel to the City of Salvador, Brazil

Importance of Sports in the City of Salvador


If you are a football fan then it may be a good idea to travel to the city of Salvador, Brazil. Another upside of the great weather found in the city of Salvador, Brazil is that you can play outdoor sports all year round and enjoy doing so. As many people will know, football is the most popular sport in Brazil so it is no surprise that is also the most popular sport in the city of Salvador.

The two biggest football clubs in the city of Salvador are Esporte Clube Bahia and Esporte Clube Vitoria with Esporte Clube Bahia currently being the biggest one as it plays in the top division of Brazilian football while Esporte Clube Vitoria plays in the second division of Brazilian football. Furthermore, the city of Salvador is the birthplace of many famous Brazilian footballers such as Bebeto Gama, Gilberto Jesus dos Santos, and Eric Ramires.

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