Travel to the City of Guadalajara

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

The historical city of Guadalajara has recently attained the title of eighth best city to visit in South America. People visit this city of Mexico to learn about its rich history and traditions. It is also known for its highly developed industry of information technology. From famous landmarks like Metropolitan Cathedral to modern buildings and public parks, there are a lot of attractions to see. The city also holds some important international cultural events throughout the year. These include International Film Festival and the Mariachi and Charreria International Encounter.


If you are planning to visit Mexico in near future, it is highly recommended to see this second largest city of the country in all its magnificence and glory. A travel to the city of Guadalajara will include visits to famous sites, enjoyable tours of the entire city and its surroundings and a chance to enjoy the local cultural events and festivals.

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

In this article, we will look at some famous sites to see in the city and highlight why they are so popular among tourists. From public parks and churches to museums and historic sites, there is so much to see. It is recommended to stay in the historic city center to enjoy most of the popular attractions.

Famous Sights in Guadalajara, Mexico

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

One of the best things to enjoy in Guadalajara is its amazing architecture. You will find buildings that are a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Arabic construction. You will get a chance to enjoy the traditional folklore dance, jarabe tapatio, and the famous tequila. The city preserves its deep rooted traditions and therefore you will be able to see the true side of it. In addition, there are many modern places to see and things to see in the city because of which you will not have a moment of boredom during your entire vacation.

So, let’s have a look at some of the famous attractions of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Plaza de Armas

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico


If you would like to enjoy a free musical evening with your loved ones, visit Plaza de Armas in Guadalajara. The place is equally popular among locals and tourists as it is considered quite a relaxing place in the city. It is brimming with history with lovely buildings all around. Here you will also get a chance to take beautiful photos back home.

Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

Also known as the Blue Water Park, this public park in the city is the most beautiful site you will see. It’s not only huge but is also home to magnificent landscaped gardens. You will find a Butterfly House as well as an aviary inside the park. If you enjoy nature and would like to explore more similar areas, Bosque Colomos is another public park in Guadalajara to take pleasure in. It features beautiful waterways and picturesque greenery. Both these parks definitely offer a nice and relaxing break from the busy city life.

Belen Cemetery

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

If you want to see the true 19th century funerary architecture, you have got to pay this cemetery a visit. It is quite famous around this area and it also has some ghost legends associated with it. Some people believe that there are bleeding trees inside the graveyard and the surroundings speak of so many mishaps that took place. There are tombs and mausoleums inside the area that will keep you mesmerized for a long time.

Expiatory Temple

Travel to the City of Guadalajara Mexico

This historic Catholic Church is a worth-seeing attraction in the city. Its construction was started in the late 1800s but was completed in 1972. It is based on Italian architecture like most other European churches of that time. The church is definitely a marvel and a must-see site in the city.

Guadalajara Zoo

Travel to the City

If you’re traveling with kids, a visit to the city’s popular zoo is a must. Also known as Zoologica Guadalajara, it features rare species of animals like Bengal tigers, black panthers and gorillas. This zoo is one of the largest zoos in Latin America. It is also home to some native Mexican animals that you will not see anywhere else. These include Mexican wolves and Mexican prairie dog.

In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, you can also enjoy many full-day tours in the city. The most popular among which is the full-day tequila tour. If you want to taste this rare liquor, Guadalajara is probably the best place to quench your thirst. In addition, there are many museums to see that feature ethnographical displays and much more. A travel to the city of Guadalajara can be made more interesting when you know all the right places to see.

When you’re done sightseeing Guadalajara, you can explore the market stalls at Mercado Libertad and do some shopping. There are many other attractions located close by so during this tour you will have plenty of time to see the surrounding buildings and monuments. The city features not only luxury and mid-range but also budget hotels to make your vacation more affordable and pleasant.

A bonus tip: Many people don’t get a chance to see the picturesque lakeside villages of Guadalajara simply because this place is not marketed very well. But it is highly recommended to pay a visit to Lake Chapala and Ajijic, which are definitely the hidden gems of this beautiful city of Mexico.



The Mexican Silicon Valley or Guadalajara has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Its magnificent history and rich culture attract millions of tourists every year. The city is mainly known for tequila and mariachi, which have emerged as its main cultural attraction. It has a mild subtropical climate that makes it an ideal vacation spot all year round. Although it has many historic sites and ancient buildings, it has been transformed into quite a modern city in recent years. Guadalajara’s fame can also be attributed to its vast production of software. Check out the above list of attractions to make your travel to the city of Guadalajara more enjoyable and worthwhile.

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