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Travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic

The Caribbean seaside town known as Boca Chica is a famous tourist destination. It is located close to the well-known city of Santo Domingo. Whether you plan to visit the area of Punta Cana or surrounding beaches, you will get plenty of time to explore Boca Chica and its many attractions. Unlike other Caribbean destinations, this town comes alive when the sun sets. There are night bars and world-class restaurants to enjoy with your entire family. Not to mention a full day of fun at the beach and so many other outdoor activities that you can pursue. The delicate white sand of Boca Chica beach is something you will never forget about this region. So, let’s find out how you can make your travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic more fun and entertaining.

Dominican Republic

Things to Do in Boca Chica

From museums and casinos to unique restaurants and beautiful nature sites, Boca Chica is home to some of the most amazing places. You will be able to go on island and fishing tours, dine at some of the most pristine restaurants in the world, take memorable photos, see the city of Santo Domingo and take a trikke tour of the city. There is simply so much to do in this beautiful town of Dominican Republic.

Here is a list of the top things to do in Boca Chica and make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

A visit to Los Tres Ojos

Travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic


Also known as 3 Eyes National Park, this park is must-see especially if you admire beautiful natural scenery. It has three stunning lakes with crystal clear water that turns from turquoise to blue and sometimes even yellow. The place is very serene and quaint and you can have a wonderful time here with your family. You will get a chance to see limestone caves as well as some wild animals like turtles and bats. From downtown Boca Chica, you can reach the park in just about 20 minutes.

Let a Chance to See La Travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic



While you’re vacationing in the Caribbean, it is highly recommended to see the beautiful La Matica. Spend a full day at this tropical island and you will never forget the experience. Whether you like relaxing on a beach and listening to the beautiful sound of ocean waves or try adventurous activities like snorkeling, this is probably the best place to visit in Boca Chica. You also get a chance to swim or simple go on a walk with your loved one. An amazing place for honeymooners, La Matica is definitely one of the most pristine locations in the world.

Enjoy Scuba Diving

Travel to Boca Chica

Boca Chica offers tons of opportunities to beginners as well as expert divers to explore the calm waters and amazing sea life. Coral Garden and El Letrero are two of the most famous diving locations in town. If you love underwater photography or would simply like to try this sport for the first time in life, there is no better place than Boca Chica. You will be able to witness healthy coral reefs along with a large variety of sea creatures during your adventure.

Go Fishing with Big Marlin Charters


If you’re fond of fishing, you will be delighted to know that there are many places in Boca Chica where you can test your fishing skills. Big Marlin Charters is a service that offers a complete fishing tour aboard a modern yacht. Not only will you be able to enjoy your time but also learn some tips and tricks of fishing. They will also take you to a small and secluded island to have some peaceful time with your family. The entire tour is going to be quite memorable for people of all ages.

Dine at Travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic


For all those seafood lovers out there, a lunch at the famous Boca Marina is definitely going to satiate your taste buds. Not only seafood but many other cuisines are also available here. Since its an outdoor restaurant, you will also get to enjoy fresh air and amazing scenery all around. All in all, it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime and you will remember it by for a long time to come.

Boca Chica Dominican Republic

Travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic can be made more exciting if you already have a list of places to visit. This way you can divide your time sensibly and get to see most of the attractions and enjoy all the activities. A trip to the Caribbean is not going to cost you a fortune, which is probably the best thing about this region. It has become a tourist magnet in recent years as thousands of people from the world over come here for a peaceful vacation. From rainforests and beaches to savannah and highlands, there is simply so much to see that you will never get bored. If you want a break from your daily work routine and monotonous lifestyle, it is highly recommended to plan a trip to this beautiful town. Boca Chica will definitely keep you entertained throughout your holiday!


Do you fancy exotic islands, beautiful lakes, a variety of outlandish seafood, historical places and family friendly beaches? Well, a travel to Boca Chica Dominican Republic is going to fulfill all your desires. There are so many day trips and tours that you can take from fishing trip to a full day visit to one of the islands. Boca Chica beach is quite famous for its beauty and the best thing is, it is completely family friendly. So, even you’re traveling with kids, there is no need to be worried; you will still be able to enjoy all the activities in town. It is recommended to plan your trip assiduously in order to see the maximum places. The above guide will be helpful in making your holiday more worthwhile by including the top things to do in your itinerary. It is possible to get weather forecast if you plan on outdoor fun to avoid rain and cloudy weather.



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