After COVID-19

Travel Destinations After COVID-19

People are itching to travel.

COVID 19 has made them more cautious. But they are tired of being cooped up in their homes. Quite a few people are interested in traveling domestically within their countries once the restrictions are lifted.

Travel Destinations After COVID-19

Even though China is perceived as the source of the virus, only a portion of travelers have written it off as a potential destination. Some are still dying to visit Asia’s most populous nation; though South Korea might be a safer bet because it hasn’t suffered as drastically from the coronavirus scourge.


There is little interest in flying to Europe or the US; though, Britain still holds some allure. Steps to test for COVID 19 at the Vienna Airport will, no doubt, attract some people to Austria.

Travel Destinations After COVID-19

The cost of tourist visas in Egypt has fallen quite dramatically. Egypt wants to attract visitors which is why they have also reduced the fees associated with their attractions. Naturally, this is going to tempt financially constrained travelers.


So many people are struggling to make ends meet. But that hasn’t made them any less determined to travel after suffering under the global lockdown for so many weeks, which is why they are likely to prioritize cheaper destinations like Egypt, not to mention local travel.

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