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Road trips are fun since you can bring virtually anything along for the ride. If you’re taking a long trip, the need for fresh coffee is going to be essential. Not just because you love coffee so much, but it does help to stay alert. When it comes to travel coffee gadgets, it’s hard to separate the gimmick from the real deal. And since you can’t always find a roadside coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, now that becomes it your task.

 Coffee Makers

So the question you might be asking begins with what kind of coffee to make? If you’re a fan of French Press coffee, you know how much of a kick this coffee gives. This is where I’d like to talk about options for making some fresh coffee at the average rest stop.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

How much do you know about the AeroPress coffee maker? You probably know more about the Aerobie Frisbee, which is made by the same guy! What’s amazing is that the AeroPress is about as simple as it gets for a great cup of coffee each time. It was also designed by a guy who used to work on technical designs for nuclear subs in the 1960s. The beauty of the AeroPress is that travel coffee can be as fresh as it gets.


So what do you need to make the ideal cup of coffee? First, you’ll need to have access to hot water. Easier said then done if you have a travel water kettle. These have an adapter that can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. This solves the problem right away for having instant hot water anywhere. You can find many styles, but it should have a lid that prevents spilling like this example:


There are a couple of AeroPress models which include the original and a travel version. I don’t recommend the travel version since it makes less coffee than the original. Using the travel version, it makes 6oz of coffer versus about 8oz of coffee for the original. Most of the standard travel mugs can hold 8-16oz depending on what you add to your coffee. This gives you plenty of room for cream and sugar.

Making the coffee using an AeroPress is also very simple and pretty easy for clean-up. About the only hard part for this is your coffee grounds readily on-hand. This portable gadget is so similar to the traditional French Press with a design that’s meant for making 1 cup at a time. It’s also very nice that the left-over coffee grounds and filter can be compostable. Anything you throw-out isn’t going to hurt the environment if you can’t find a trash can nearby.

Stanley Classic French Press Travel Mug

I like to think that if you’re traveling with a friend, you’ll appreciate having a portable gadget that can make two cups at a time. This model can make 16 ounces of coffee and is essentially a portable thermos too. It’s kind of bulky, so it might not fit every drink holder in older cars. Thankfully it’s not any bigger than a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven, so it should fit in the travel mug holder accordingly.

Coffee Makers

The only problem is the coffee grounds are pushed to the bottom of the thermos just like a regular French Press. So expect that you’ll need to clean it out with water. Unlike the AeroPress, the bottom of this press doesn’t come off for easy quick cleaning. It does do an excellent job of keeping hot coffee to stay hot. You can find more info about how it works in better detail right here:


I think they engineered this portable French Press, especially for travel, since it’s made to hold-up while camping. You do have to be careful how much water to add since the number of coffee grounds will change the 16oz capacity. So always add your coffee grounds first before adding the hot water. This allows you to see how much space is clear for the plunger top. Aside from that, it’s an excellent choice for road trips and camping weekends.

Coffee Makers

For the best travel coffee, always bring your favorite coffee grounds that can be portable. Keep these in a Ziplock bag to keep it fresh, or brings whole beans that can be ground-up using a battery-powered coffee grinder. Don’t forget to have some creamer and sugar packets handy so you can add them to your finished coffee.

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