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If you are thinking of a beach holiday and (still) do not know what choice to make, then I must congratulate you, because you have arrived at the right place! You will find your place even if you want a relaxing stay or a luxury vacation with family or friends, or if you are looking for a honeymoon destination. I will present you the best beach vacation destinations below!


La Concha – San Sebastian, Spania


It is the most visited and most photographed beach in Spain. It is located in the centre of San Sebastian (Northern Spain, near the border with France) and stretches for about 1500 meters. It is one of the most spectac=ular urban beaches in the world, being delimited by the seafront through a heritage railing, inaugurated in 1916


Conigli Beach – Lampedusa, Sicilia


Lampedusa, the largest of the three Pelagic Islands, is located about 200 km south of Sicily, closer to Tunisia than to Italy. The beautiful beaches and the incredible blue water are the main attraction here. Conigli Beach (also known as Rabbit Beach) is part of a nature reserve, being of extraordinary beauty. The protection by law is due to the massive presence of turtles, which lay their eggs on the beach in April. Only for this phenomenon, fishing here is prohibited.

Falesia Beach – Olhos de Agua, Portugalia

 Beach Destinations

Olhos de Agua Beach is located at the southern end of Portugal, in the Algarve, one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in Europe. It is a small fishing town, where traditional fishing is still practised=, as it happened a long time ago. The city is only 14 kilometres from the luxury resort of Villamoura, but also from Quinta do Lago, the resort where the world’s millionaires, including Madonna, bought their properties.

Elafonissi – Creta, aGrecia



It is a small paradise, with warm water, a calm sea and dream colours. May and October are the ideal months to visit.

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