Time Travel Books

To be able to go back in time and go forward is an idea that a lot of people are fascinated with.

However, as of today’s time and age, it is still a question if time travel is possible. A lot of people have hypothesized and theorized about it. Some have attempted to create machines to prove its existence and make it possible. Others claim that they are time travelers themselves. Indeed it is an unanswered question-a mystery that is yet to be solved.

Time Travel Books

But the purpose of books is to feed the imagination of many, to provide worlds that do not exist or are yet to exist, and to make the impossible possible.With books about time travel, you get to transport yourself as the reader together with the characters to the beautiful past that you’ve only read about in history books and have only seen in documentaries and also to the future that is filled with so many unknowns. The past may be something that has already occurred and the future may be scary, but in time travel books, you get a glimpse of both.

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