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How to Work Locally While Traveling

If you’re interested in bringing in extra income while you’re traveling, you’ve come to the right place. As listed below is a handy guide on how to work locally while you’re traveling the world. That you should find handy.

How to Work Locally While Traveling:

Purchase a local sim card for your smartphone:

In order to be able to apply for casual jobs in the areas which you visit, it’s important to be available on your smartphone, at all times. As international smartphone rates can be steep, it’s a wise idea to purchase an inexpensive sim card for your smartphone, in each country that you visit. So that you’ll be able to take advantage of local rates.

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Alternatively, if you are keen on the idea of running your own business from your laptop and smartphone or becoming a professional travel blogger, it’s still worth purchasing local sim cards so that you’ll be able to have access to cheap mobile data.

Take advantage of free internet cafes:

While it’s definitely possible to work from your hotel room or apartment, if you want to see more of the location that you’re exploring, it’s a great idea to take your laptop to cafes which offer free, reliable internet.

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Visit house sitting platforms in order to find free accommodation:

One way to save money while you’re traveling the world and working abroad is to sign up as a house sitter on a variety of reputable house sitting platforms. While in some cases you’ll only receive free accommodation, in others you may be paid to house sit and to complete easy tasks such as feeding pets.

Consider working a part time job in hospitality or searching for seasonal work:

If you’re looking for a quick income, it’s well worth looking for seasonal work in hospitality. As many areas are in dire need of extra help during their peak seasons. For example you may want to work in a ski resort during peak season, in order to find a job. Or you may prefer the idea of serving tables at a beach side cafe in the meditternean during the warm summer months. The key to finding seasonal hospitality work is to visit tourist destinations during their peak season.

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Befriend locals who may be able to help you find your next job:

Sometimes it pays to befriend the locals who you meet. As you never know the connections that each individuals has. In lucky circumstances you may befriend a local, who has a family member or friend who is looking for an extra part time or full time worker. This tip is especially helpful in small towns, where jobs are often found through word of mouth and are not always posted on the internet.

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Look for a job as an English teacher:

If you visit non English speaking countries and have a bachelor’s degree, you should be able to score a job as an English teacher.

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So if you want to earn money while you’re traveling, it’s definitely possible to make a living on your international travels, simply use the tips listed above in order to get started!

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