Travel For Free

How To Travel For Free

Traveling is one of the best luxuries in the world. Imagine being able to explore the wonders of the earth. Isn’t it amazing to jump from one country to another and discover every secret therein? If you could just spend your life traveling to places, we bet you would gamble everything for it. However, it’s not as easy as you imagine it to be. Traveling is very expensive and most of the time, money is the biggest problem that hinders people to dream and enjoy. This is the reason why many people participate in different promotions just to travel for free. In case you are looking for ways to get your dream vacation without spending your hard-earned money, here are some of the things you might want to consider.

1) Win a competition

How To Travel For Free

Entering travel competitions is one way you can travel for free. A lot of companies are using travel competitions to promote their services without spending too much on advertisements and promotions. Different types of competitions are being held online. One popular example is sharing and reposting company posts. Travel companies and travel influencers often post on their social media profiles or websites together with the qualifications and conditions to win the competition. This is their way to increase brand awareness while giving away significant travel prizes that can attract viewers.

2) Frequent flyer points from credit cards

How To Travel For Free

Another method to travel for free is to obtain frequent flyer points from credit cards. There are specific types of credit cards that can give you airline points. You just have to accumulate them and once you have enough points, you are allowed to exchange them for free airline tickets to a country of your choice. Frequent flyer points are like rewards when you spend using your credit cards. They are like free items you get with your groceries. So, the more you use your credit card, the more you will earn points, and the more you can travel for free.

3) House sitting and couch surfing for free accommodation.

How To Travel For Free

Traveling for free isn’t just about getting free airline tickets. You have to think about your accommodation too. There are plenty of promotions online that give free accommodation. You just have to sit on your couch and surf without spending money. Free accommodations are typically offered by hotels, motels, and accommodation businesses. Go to their social media profiles and websites and check if you qualify for their promotions. It wouldn’t hurt to check out what they offer every travel season as long as you can get a free stay.

4) Volunteering for free food and accommodation.

Did you know that being a volunteer has a good benefit? Traveling is one! If you want to go to different places without worrying about your food, accommodation, and transportation, you might want to try volunteering for local and international non-profit organizations. These organizations usually pay for the expenses of the volunteers.

5) Promote travel agencies and companies.

How To Travel For Free

Promoting travel agencies and companies is a great way to travel for free too. As part of their marketing, companies look for people they can work with and they often call them “travel influencers.” Instead of paying cash, these companies give influencers free trips and accommodation. Now that almost everyone uses social media as a platform to communicate and entertain themselves, it’s easier to become an effective travel influencer. The more online friends and followers you have, the more you can get free travel tickets from the company you will work for. Plus, it’s very simple to promote online. A combination of a good quality photo or video and an appealing caption is all you need.

6) Become a flight attendant.

How To Travel For Free

Last but not least is becoming a flight attendant. This does not need a lot of explanation. Once you become an employee of an airline company, you get to enjoy the benefits of traveling around the world for free. Although you don’t get to choose the country you want to go to, this is still better than paying for your travel. You can enjoy as much as you want and discover the places you have never been too once you become a flight attendant. Just make sure to maximize your layover.

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