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Fashion jewelry suitable to wear when traveling

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, of that no one has any doubt, but what happens when that precious gold ring we wear everywhere becomes a danger to our own safety while traveling? Then it is surely worth meditating on the true usefulness of all our jewelry and ostentation while we are on the road.


The reality is that nowadays almost everyone has at least one piece of jewelry, whether it’s for whim, for style, for nostalgia, for a gift or for an engagement: we all end up having some piece of value that we like to wear all the time. However, if we are a traveller who spends half of our time visiting countries around the world, carrying all those valuable possessions with us can create more than one problem.


We like more or less, living in subhuman conditions and extreme poverty is the reality of every day in many countries in the world, so if we have planned a trip to such countries we should plan well what we will carry in our suitcase, and more importantly, what we will always wear in sight of others.

Having a 60K bracelet on your wrist while strolling through a market in a Moroccan slum or taking pictures with a very flashy professional camera while watching animals in illegal markets in Thailand, can lead to conflict and can also endanger your own life by being a victim of violent robbery.

For all these reasons, below we are going to give you a series of tips on which are the jewels you should wear while travelling and what is the best way to store them to keep them safe and to keep yourself safe during all your travels.


Well let’s start!

Tips for wearing fashion jewerly while traveling

Be modest


If you travel to countries with extreme poverty or where crime rates are very high, such as Mexico or Colombia, you don’t want to walk around with all your gold jewelry on you, because all you’ll get is the attention of the wrong people.

Fashion jewelry

No one says it’s forbidden to wear your engagement ring in your suitcase, but you shouldn’t wear it all the time. Wear it only in places where you know it’s safe, like a hotel or a restaurant of a certain level; the rest of the time keep it in a locked jewelry box and preferably the jewelry box is also kept under some kind of security measure in your suitcase.

Don’t travel with the carats on you


As long as it’s not a long trip or you’re travelling to an occasional engagement, such as a wedding or a family celebration where you have to dress up, it’s best to leave all your expensive jewellery at home.


If you are a person who loves to wear accessories that match your clothes, you can always resort to replacing your most valuable jewelry with sterling silver ones, which are much cheaper and give the same result. Also, sterling silver is not something that can be traded on the black market, nor does it make a lot of money when melted, unlike gold which has a much greater sweet tooth and makes a lot of money when pawned.

Combine fashion jewelry with cheap jewelry


Another very simple and fun way to wear your jewelry more safely is to combine it with cheap jewelry that looks more expensive.


For example, if you wear a gold ring with zirconia inlay, try putting it on your ring finger and wearing more eye-catching ones on the side that are barely worth anything; there are really nice jewellery items that for very little money can complement our look perfectly.

Fashion jewelry

This way, your most expensive and fashion jewelry won’t attract so much attention and you won’t be seen as an opportunity to make money; colorful jewelry is not liked by thieves, so the more you wear, the safer you are.

Use low quality gold pieces


If you don’t like to wear any kind of jewelry, you can also choose to use low quality gold and silver plated steel pieces; the look is the same as pure gold jewelry, but the price is three times lower. Moreover, if you are robbed and lose all the jewellery you are wearing, it is always better to lose the ones that are not so valuable and easy to replace.

Fashion jewelry suitable to wear when traveling

Now you know, traveling is a wonderful thing that everyone has the right to enjoy, however taking certain precautions will always guarantee us to be safer during all our adventures abroad and avoid more than one upset; because no jewelry is more important than our own safety. Be careful and everything will be fine!




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