Stroller for Flying

Best Travel Stroller for Flying


Are you looking for the best travel stroller for flying? Do you want a lightweight and compact design? While buying a travel stroller, you will have to take a few factors into your account. It needs to be a compact and small travel stroller. Also, it should be foldable for easy transportation.

Best Travel Stroller for Flying


You will find many travel strollers in the current market. Most of them come with a lightweight design. These are also well-equipped to meet the travel needs of your little one. As the options will be many, you can be easily confused especially when some of them will have similar features. To make it easier for you, here are the top 4 travel strollers for flying. Have a look at features, weight capacity, and benefits to make the travel safe and comfortable for your bundle of joy.

Graco Breaze Travel Stroller

Best Travel Stroller for Flying

Weight: 17.79 lbs

Capacity: 50 lbs


If you are looking for a light travel stroller, you should go with Graco Breaze. Graco is a popular name. Its products are recommended by parents. It is an easy folding travel umbrella stroller that comes with an innovative design to create a custom travel system for your baby. You can fold it by using your one hand. The sturdy and lightweight designs offer maximum portability as well as durability. It can accommodate kids up to fifty pounds. The extra comfort and multi-position feature make it the best choice for traveling. You can consider this lightweight and ultra-comfort stroller for your newborn or baby up to fifty pounds. In addition to the above, this lightweight stroller features a large storage basket, UV 50 canopy, front swivel wheels, and a removable cup holder.

Graco Breaze travel stroller is appreciated by users for the great look, nice design, optimal comfort, easy folding, enough storage, and lightweight and umbrella design. This is easy to maneuver and can offer the much-needed comfort. Though Graco is recommended by many users, some want improvement in certain areas that include the narrow size. If your kid is big, it might not be a perfect choice.

Baby Jogger City Tour Travel Stroller


Best Travel Stroller for Flying

Weight: 14lbs

Capacity: 45lbs


You will love this stroller since it is designed to support the travel needs of your little one. This is super compact and portable and can be easily handled by using one hand. It comes with an auto-lock feature to ensure safe transportation. Also, it can be used to create a custom fit position to offer superb comfort to your little one. Some other notable features are UV50+ canopy, boo window, and five-point harness. The compact size makes it the best fit into your carry bag. You can easily and quickly fold it to accommodate in a restricted space. It has a padded seat to offer the required comfort and support for long traveling hours. The weight capacity of this travel stroller is 45 lb and it weighs 14lb.

Baby Jogger is appreciated by users for the travel-friendly design, easy folding, compact size, and durability. However, one user is not satisfied with the safety features. The user wants improvement in the middle joint. However, it might be the issue with one stroller, and others might not experience this problem since none of the users have expressed concerns over the safety of the Baby Jogger stroller.

Besrey Airplane Stroller


Weight: 10.8lbs

Capacity: Kids up to 36 months


Besrey Airplane Stroller can be perfect for all those who are looking for a compact and lightweight stroller for frequent traveling. The lightweight design is worth mentioning since it weighs only 10.8 lbs. As it comes with a reclinable backrest, your kid can get the extra comfort and sleep whenever tired. It can be the best for flying since the compact design and weight can fit anywhere you want without much difficulty. There is a five-point safety belt and that will offer the required comfort and safety. Besrey can be the best choice for infants and toddlers since it can support your kid up to 36 months. Some other features are the one-hand folding button, good ventilation system, double brake, the safe window, and large bassinet.

Best Travel Stroller for Flying

Besrey airplane stroller is appreciated by users for its bonus accessories, compact size, lightweight design, nice color, affordability, and impressive appearance. Some users are not satisfied with the backside design, difficulty in opening, and the small basket. However, they are impressed with other features and compact design.

Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller

Best Travel Stroller for Flying

Weight: 13lbs

Capacity: 44lbs

Age: Four Years

Mountain Buggy is another compact travel stroller that weighs only 13lbs. Though it is lightweight, it will work like a mini-van and will accommodate a lot of things that include the diaper bag and your shopping bag. This is an amazing stroller and can be the right choice for traveling. It has a narrower and compact size that can accommodate 44lbs. You can use it for your kids for up to four years. Also, it can be easily folded. It comes with a shoulder strap and a travel bag. Some other features are extendable sun hood, travel bag, curb pop, and reclined style. This travel stroller focuses more on the comfort to become the first choice for newborns. The key benefit is that you can stretch it out flat to offer the required comfort to your newborn. You can easily unfold it with one click.

Best Travel Stroller for Flying

Mountain Buggy is appreciated by users for easy maneuverability, stylish and innovative design, super click unfold, flat recline, large canopy, compact basket, easy storage, and handlebar height. This umbrella travel stroller is recommended both for newborns and toddlers. When it comes to the downside, some users want improvement in the basket and folding. They find it hard to fold by using only one hand.

Wrapping Up

Now you are armed with all the required information and you are in a better position to make a smart decision. All the above four travel strollers have received more than four-star ratings. Many users are satisfied with the comfort, safety, folding design, and easy storage features. You can check all the products and features to know which one can be the right choice for your baby. You should always check the weight and age. Take time to go through reviews to avoid any confusion.


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