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Coronavirus travel safety: the new normal of tourism

The pandemic generated by the appearance of the coronavirus seriously affected the tourism industry. Despite this, tourism is being revived in various regions of the world thanks to the promotion of coronavirus travel safety.


These security measures can be seen at airports, hotels, restaurants, all means of transport and at the chosen tourist point, whatever it was. Firstly, social estrangement applies, the use of beards, protective face masks, gloves, constant use of alcohol gel for hand washing.

Coronavirus travel safety: the new normal of tourism

The first thing you need to find out is if you have to do a 14-day quarantine where you visit. It is also advisable if you are sick you shouldn’t travel anywhere. Do not eat animal foods that are not well cooked. When you’re in a touristic place, avoid the crowds. You must follow the security protocols imposed by the site you are visiting, remember that the coronavirus travel safety measures are for your sake and that of others.


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