Best headphones for travel

When it comes to entertainment, music is at the forefront of that equation. Every one of us loves our music. Whether we listen to it at home through our home entertainment system, in the gym, or while jogging, having your favorite tunes pumping in the background is a must. It can uplift your mood, make you drift back to some amazing memories, and even heal the soul. While there is a myriad of speaker monitors to choose from. And also the different quality of sound output, their number one drawback is size and portability.


So unless you’re stuck in the ’80s and you’re not affected by mortification and absolutely love your boombox, more power to you. Oh, and those ugly walkmans, urgh. With that, size and portability are definitely not a problem for you. Keep in mind, though that it’s been 30 years since we were in the ’80s. And while it is not a problem for you carrying your boombox around on your shoulder, it’s going to be an enormous issue and irritation for the people you’ll be traveling with.

You might be okay and contend with the bad quality of sound coming through those speakers of yours. Just know that in today’s day and age high definition video and pristine music sound quality are at the order of the day.

With that been said, the perfect travel buddy for listening to all your favorite music while traveling is a good solid pair of headphones. Bear in mind that it can be overwhelming to decide which one will be a good fit for your style, taste, and budget.

To make that decision a little easier and steer you in the right direction, let’s look at a few types of ear/headphones to bring with you on your travels:

Best headphones


  • In-ear headphones. These types of headphones are the ones you get when you purchase a phone, but you can also buy them aftermarket. This is the most portable option of all. It can fit in your shirt pocket or stuff them in your back pocket.
  • Pros. Extremely portable. Budget-friendly. Noise-canceling. Great for travel.
  • Cons. Low-quality sound. Get lost easily. Cause ear problems.

Best headphones

  • Wireless earphones. These are the new kids on the block. With these, there are absolutely no wires involved. When done, you put them in a casing where it charges. Each earbud comes with a battery that needs charging. However, with this, it quickly runs out of power. So it constantly needs charging before you can enjoy some tunes.
  • Pros. Portable. Sweat-resistant. Stylish.
  • Cons. Short battery life. Get lost easily. Low sound quality.


  • Over-ear headphones. These ones are the most visible. Instead of fitting in your ear, they sit over your ears with the band going over or behind your head. They are also more durable than their more compact counterparts. Their power source comes from bigger batteries so longer listening time. And the sound quality is usually better, given the bigger drivers and or batteries that power the quality output of sound.
  • Pros. Though not as portable, you can’t argue with the sound quality. More durable. Aesthetically good looking.
  • Cons. Not portable. No noise cancelation because it goes over your ears, as such outside sound can seep through.


  • Bluetooth headphones. These are yet another option to weigh in your buying decision. Keep in mind, however, Bluetooth can cause delays in the sound, hence the no wires feature. Nevertheless, it still has its place in the market. So whether you opt for a pair of these is up to you.
  • Pros. Portable. Better sound quality, just make sure your android phone’s codecs are compatible with the Bluetooth headphones.
  • Cons. Low battery life. Compatibility issues. Delay in wireless signals.

What to look for when buying the best headphones for travel.

There are lots of things to consider before buying anything. And with headphones, the same applies. Do you want in-ear? Do you want over-ear, wireless, BlueTooth, whatever your decision will be the best fit for you. However, keep at the back of your mind that each type has pros & cons. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the one is better than the other, it just means that they were built with something different in mind to give you the consumer more options.


One consumer will praise one type of headphones, while another consumer regrets purchasing it in the first place. In-ear headphones fit snug in your ear, however, it can cause you some ear problems because it needs to be stuffed in your ears. In doing so, it pushes ear wax back into your ear. And because it is so deep in the sound can damage the inner workings of your ear.

Over-ear headphones, on the other hand, can also have some health issues instore for you. If you listen to music for long stretches of time, the sweat that can accumulate in and around your ears can be a breathing ground for germs to grow, causing problems in the long run.

So definitely do some research. It will help you a great deal in finding what will work best in your unique situation.


A good quality pair of headphones will enable you to enjoy your music to the fullest because you will hear each and every sound the producer of the track crammed in there, clearly. So definitely invest in a pair to take with you on your travels. It will make the journey more fun and pleasurable.

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