best dogs for travel

Best dogs for travel

Looking to travel with a four-legged buddy? Fortunately, there are dogs that are suitable for travels. Regardless of your transportation, here are the dogs that will join your travels!

best dogs for travel


black and brown Dachshund standing in box

The Dachshund is an adventurous breed that is willing to explore a lot of things with their owners. This breed lives the hype when it comes to trying out something new. Small dogs are best for travels because they take up less space and you can just carry them wherever you want to go. The dachshund has a long body that fits in pet carriers easily. Just make sure that you bring their favorite treats and a lot of bottled water on the way to your destination!

Portuguese Water Dog

best dogs for travel

As the name of the breed prescribes, the Portuguese water dog loves the waters! This dog is intelligent and can be trained easily. They’re also very athletic, very friendly, and very fun to be with- and they love swimming in lakes and in beaches. Also take note that this is a non-shedding dog, which means your car will be safe from dog hair! If you’re looking for a companion that loves to swim with you? The Portuguese water dog is your best-friend!

Norwich Terrier

A companion that doesn’t know the meaning of “getting tired,” this dog is one of the best dogs to travel with. Due to its small and compact frame, the Norwich Terrier can fit into any pet carriers there is! This dog is active and loves to explore the world around them. However, the Norwich Terrier is not a lapdog, because this breed was once used to hunt foxes and it is used to be with a pack. So they can be a bit more sociable than any terriers there is.

best dogs for travel

The Labrador Retriever

This is the type of dog that will just jump in the car with you even though it doesn’t know where you’re going. Gentle and intelligent, this dog is easy to train and is fun around people. Labradors are one of the most popular breeds out there. They are active, good with family and friends, and they also do well as sporting dogs!

best dogs for travel

Yorkshire Terrier

Small and furry, this breed is highly sociable. It loves being around people and other dogs! Another small dog that is best for traveling because of its small frame, the Yorkshire Terrier has confident personalities and excels as a traveling buddy!

best dogs for travel


best dogs for travel

A dog that weighs in less than 7-pounds is one of the greatest dogs you can ever have to travel with. It’s easy to carry, fun to be around with, and very active. This dog is your best-friend when it comes to travel because it will keep you entertained on the road. Just make sure your Maltese has its own dog collar, cause sometimes he can be a little sneaky. Don’t leave him out of your sight!

Here is the list of the dogs that are best for traveling! Keep in mind that dogs still require training especially during travels. If you’re going on a plane, you should train them on the do’s and the don’ts and always bring enough food and water for the travel. Happy trails!

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