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Avoid paying bank fees while travelling And secure your credit card

Avoid paying bank fees while travelling and secure your credit card

Travelling can be fun, but there’s no fun in spending money that you could have otherwise saved or used for other travel expenses. I’m precisely talking about the credit card transactions and ATM fees you get charged when travelling.

Unlike local bank withdrawals, stopping at an ATM joint during a journey or in the course of a vacation can be exceedingly expensive. Your bank, or the foreign bank levies withdrawal fees, transaction fees, and currency conversion fees, among others. When summed up, such charges could be enough to pay for your food, and housing during the period.

That’s why it’s important to learn the tips that will help you avoid such costs while remaining on the safer side of the law. Dealing with banks can be strict and I’m sure you don’t want to get into trouble by using illegal ways to avoid bank fees.

I’ll be sharing important tips to help you avoid bank charges right below. There’s nothing fishy in the tips; you’ll be on the safe side of the law.

Consider the bank you’re using

bank fees while travelling And secure

Some banks don’t charge any ATM fees regardless of location. Often, these banks are members of the global ATM alliance, a group that allows customers to make ATM withdrawals without charges.


Some banks have particular coverage areas that allow zero charges on ATMs. Check if your bank covers the area you’ll be traveling to or not.

Consider a low-fee bank. While some banks do charge, the charges are significantly low. You had better used them instead of banks with normal or exaggerated charges.

Consider the withdrawal joints

Avoid paying bank fees while travelling

When asked to choose between convenience and cost, some people would go for convenience. But in this case, our goal is to save money so let’s look deep into it.

Often, we find it convenient to use the ATMs that we find in our areas of convenience, be it at the hotels, gas stations, or wherever we feel like recharging our wallets.

Such locations are undeniably convenient, but remember that you have to pay for the convenience. ATM charges will be higher than the standard.

If you can, and of course of its worth (the bank could be so far from your location), find a major bank and withdraw from there.

Consider using banks for currency exchanges

Avoid paying bank fees while travelling And secure

If you’re traveling and must pass through the airport, you could be tempted to do your currency exchange over there. Please don’t fall for the trap; the exchange bureaus have the worst charges.

What to do when using a credit card

 secure your credit card

If you’re traveling abroad and want to use your credit card, you’ll be asked to choose between local and home currency. Don’t choose your home currency. The conversion rate is way too high than the rate you could be given by your bank. You’ll be better off when you choose local currency as it will transfer the conversion responsibility to the credit card company. With it, you’ll get better rates and save some money.

Now that we mentioned credit cards, did you know that you need to keep them safe and secure? Yes, the credit card has lots of information that could be illegally used and lead you into great trouble. Your identity could be stolen or your email could be spammed. Worse even, your account could be hacked. If you must mitigate these and more risks, knowing these tips will be helpful:

Must-know Credit card security tips

  • Keep your credit card pin private. It’s an obvious statement but some people still ignore it. Not even the love of your life should know your pin.
  • Don’t leave your card anywhere or with strangers. It could be an aid to identity theft. It could also be coned or copied. Additionally, don’t write down your credit card number anywhere, even on your phone; someone could access it and use it to their benefit.
  • Ensure safe use of the internet. If shopping online, do it from trusted sites that are secured; they often start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. In connection to that, avoid using public computers and Wi-Fi to shop online; spending a few coins on internet charges won’t hurt as much as letting your credit card information leak to strangers.
  • When travelling, use your card only at the bank or at a trusted retailer. Some credit card joints could be operated by scammers who snug your personal information. Even as you use it at the bank/trusted retailer, shield your pin from the view of anyone who could be around; someone could be pretending that they are there to withdraw but they aim to copy details of your card.


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