An ultimate guide on seven reasons you should start a travel blog


Today, COVID-19 is affecting everyone from all walks of the world. Probably you want to start a travel blog, but doubts and questions are lingering your mind. Should I start a travel blog during this pandemic? How will my blog succeed when every place is under lock-down? Well, it is okay to ask yourself those questions. After all, everyone is worried too, and others think it is the end of the world. That’s funny. Did you know that you can start a travel blog right under your roof?

Here are the incredible 7 good reasons to start a travel blog right away.

1. Document your adventures

travel blog

Most people go on vacation every single day and end up forgetting the adventures over the years simply because they didn’t have time to document their travels. Well, a travel blog will help your document the beautiful experiences when you travel across the globe. How would you feel showing your grandchildren places you spent your leisure time? The feeling is unexplainable. It is the best feeling ever because it will remind you that you did something useful with your time. Somehow Facebook and Instagram are enduring your mind right now on documenting your travels there. I guarantee you that they are nothing compared to a travel blog. Documenting your travels will help you remember the best and worst things you encountered during vacations. Also, you can share the memories with your family during the Christmas holidays and family gatherings.

2. Motivate to travel

An ultimate guide

It is no doubt that documenting your adventures will automatically inspire other people to travel too. Tourism is an incredible experience worth promoting. When going, you get to meet new people with cultural diversities, new historical sites, fresh foods, and every other thing adding spice in your travels. Keeping all those experiences is selfish. A travel blog will enable you to motivate other people and see all the beauty the world has to give from your perspective. This will add a smile to your face. Moreover, most people are always scared of traveling to various places. Imagine going to Europe or any other place you’ve never been to before. That is scaring at first until you step your toes there. A travel blog will help you encourage other people to dare to visit a new place where you have been before. Be sure others will be extremely happy to the point of tipping you up. Do you want that extra penny? Then consider starting a travel blog.

3. Sharing what you’ve learned


You don’t want to keep all your sailing trips in Kauai Island to yourself. Again that is selfish. Starting a travel blog will help you share your experiences and difficulties encountered when visiting other places. Sharing will help other novice travelers to make a critical and practical decision on where to go and where not to go at a specified period. The world has continents with diverse climates. Sharing on your travel blog will assist other people on the best gear for a particular place.

4. Assist in vacation planning

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a plan for a particular trip? If yes, now you understand how intimidating it can get. Sharing what you’ve learned in your travel adventures will help other people make practical and realistic plans before traveling. Mostly, people have no idea of where to start or where to go, but seeing your travel blog will boost their interests and shun all their fears. Making a plan before will enable your friends, relatives, and other people to save time and energy.

5. A sense of purpose

Today, the mind of an individual is filled with ridiculous activities, and at some point, people end up developing mental illnesses. You have to report to work, show your kids some homework, look at your back yard, among other day-to-day activities. Having a travel blog will give you an experience out of the mundane to help other people, and this will provide you with joy and purpose in life.

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6. Networking


Starting a travel blog gives you a chance to meet and interact with other bloggers hence sharing their experiences. “The more you learn, the more you earn.” You will meet bloggers in your community with other interests such as books, travel, foods, Disney, among others.

ultimate guide

7. A blog is your universe

When you start your blog, you will be able to key in your interests and leave behind what you don’t like. This gives you a scape to make decisions from your point of view.

Consequently, you have everything you need to start your travel blog. Consider signing up for “How to start a blog guide” for more information and the best advice ever. The energy is worth investing.


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