8 Gifts for Travelers

Field Notes

The life of a traveler is filled with incredible, unique experiences worth remembering forever. When every day is an adventure though, how can you be sure that nothing goes forgotten? By regularly jotting down thoughts, ideas and revelations, your loved one can make sure that the most important lessons of the road are preserved forever; by choosing to document their memories in an eye-catching Field Notes journal, they can preserve those lessons in a beautiful notebook that they’ll enjoy turning back to. On the surface, each Field Notes gift totes a colorful image of a treasured US destination. Inside, 48 blank grid pages grant your traveler the freedom to journal however best suits them.

8 Gifts for Travelers

Weatherman Umbrella

Keep your wanderlust loved one dry come rain, sleet or snow. Constructed with durable fiberglass and high-quality Teflon-coated fabric, the Weatherman Umbrella is built to withstand the elements, regardless of where your traveler finds themselves. This heavy-duty gift is ideal for the wandering soul, protecting its owner from everything, from the beating sun to winds of 55-miles per hour. And since your special someone has such a love for the Earth and all its diversity, they’re sure to appreciate the Weatherman Umbrella’s eco-friendly packaging and enduring nature. All you need to do is pick the color and size of umbrella that meets your loved one’s tastes – let the Weatherman Umbrella take care of the rest.

8 Gifts for Travelers

Roving Blue

The seasoned traveler knows how to survive on only the bare minimum. While an extensive wardrobe or miscellaneous toiletries might only serve to weigh down the wandering soul, there are a few essentials that no traveler would dare go without. Water, for instance, is vital to life, and for the man or woman on the road, a fresh source of H2O is not always a guarantee. Roving Blue is the gift for the adventurous individual, prone to traveling light and roaming off the grid. At only 1.2-ounces, Roving Blue is small enough to slip in a pocket or on a lanyard (perfect for those on-the-go), yet this tiny package is a powerful survival tool capable of purifying 16-ounces of water in just a minute. With an impressive battery capable of 50 uses per charge and USB capabilities, Roving Blue is a literal life-saver that no traveler should ever go without.

8 Gifts for Travelers

Shark Mug

Even on the road, your loved one should always have a soothing cup of coffee or tea within arms reach. Just as a flavorful brew can by a tasty reminder of home, the humorous message on the Shark Mug is a fin-tastic reminder for your traveler of the love and support that is rooting them on. Every time your friend or family member fill this 20-ounce travel mug, the simple shark imagery encourages them to pursue their dreams and get the most out of life. And once they have the chance to stop for a break, the dishwasher and microwave friendly ceramic ensures that the Shark Mug is a breeze to take care of. In terms of practicality and humor, no gift outshines the reliable charm of an f-ing Shark Mug.

8 Gifts for Travelers


Life on the road isn’t easy by any means. Hours on planes, buses and cars takes a toll on any traveler’s patience – and, of course, on their spine. While the gift Bullbird won’t make the long hours pass by any quicker, the ergonomic travel pillow is the ultimate solution to achy muscles and a soar, pained back. The adjustable integrated strap keeps the Bullbird secured in position along the C1 to C7 vertebrate, encouraging better posture and improved spinal health during prolonged periods of idle sitting. Even when they get home, your loved one can appreciate the benefits of the portable Bullbird travel pillow as they sit down at the computer or before the television – thanks to its minimized size, it’s easy to bring the Bullbird wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

8 Gifts for Travelers


Is your traveler frustrated with cramped flights and crowded airports? For the loved one tired of fighting for the arm rest, the Soarigami divider is an innovative solution that they never knew they needed! Unfolded, the divider easily clamps onto most standard armrests, providing both your loved one and their seat neighbor to enjoy up to 2.75-inches of arm space. When the journey ends, the Soarigami folds flat and slips into a backpack or suitcase pocket for easy storage. Due to its adjustable wings and tapered sides, your traveler can take advantage of their own arm rest without concerns of discomfort for themselves or anyone else. Both affordable and lightweight, there’s no reason that your favorite traveler should go without this ingenious travel gift ever again!


Every traveler knows that a long trip and a full suitcase are a dangerous combination. Organization is key to a smooth journey, but keeping your bag neat with limited space is a serious struggle. If by the end of a vacation, your loved one’s suitcase looks more like the neighborhood dump, then now is the time for them to switch to Maxpedition. A stylish, travel-friendly bag available in khaki or black, the Maxpedition bag is the master of organization on account of its various versatile pockets and sleeves. 22x14x9-inches with 6 different compartments, the bag is more than big enough to accommodate a travelers possessions neatly and compactly, making repacking a cinch come the end of the trip. If small, awkward bags have got your wandering heart down, get them a bag with the gift of endless space.

8 Gifts for Travelers


8 Gifts for Travelers

Not every traveler is interested in surviving on the bare necessities. For those who prefer to journey in comfort and style, the Vetelli toiletries bag is the perfect accessory to store all of those soaps, scrubs, and other bathroom essentials. With 4 sizable internal pockets made of durable canvas, your traveler will have no trouble keeping their products neat and organized. Meanwhile, the elegant exterior, complete with hanging hook, ensures that travel is simple and always fashionable. For both man and women accustomed to the best things in life, the Vetelli bag is the ideal travel companion and the ultimate choice for a travel-themed gift.

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