5 tips you can save money on travel


save money

Travelling to places is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary experiences you can do for yourself. No matter where you’re travelling to, it’s being exposed to a different culture and lifestyle while meeting different kinds of people. You travel for various reasons, whether it’s for experience, to satisfy your wanderlust. or another reason entirely. However, the misconception is that travelling can be so expensive. With this being said, the following are 5 tips on how you can save money on travel:


Go off season

Plane tickets are the most expensive during peak season, especially in the summer or in the holidays. You wouldn’t want to book your flights in the months of March, April, May and December. These months are normally the months people book flights the most. If you can, it’s best to plan your travel outside of these time frames. In addition, accommodation is more available when you travel off season, rather than having to compete against a huge crowd.


Don’t stay at an expensive room

Most likely, you’re travelling for the sake of the experience, and not for the accommodation. The quality of your room should be the least of your worries, and an adequate room is good enough. What would you do with a 5-star hotel if you’re in it for the knowledge and experience? When travelling, most people settle for a bed and breakfast type of accommodation.


Bring snacks on your trip

Especially when you’re with kids, you need to bring a lot of snacks during your trip. You can’t rely on buying snacks when you’re there as this can be expensive. If possible, bring as much snacks as you can so you avoid getting hungry when on a day tour. Tours can be quie exhausting afterwards, and you’ll need water and snacks with you.

save money

Stay outside of a city

In any location, booking a room in a city location happens to be the most expensive. The location of the room is just as important as the quality of your room, and it’s best to book a room outside of a city. The reason behind this is cities contain the most tourist attractions and the most crowds, and that’s why the price is always high in city rooms.


Stick to your budget

Although it may be challenging to stick to your budget, it’s helpful if you truly want tips to save money. In planning your trip, you should have a detailed budget list and try your best to stick to that. Do your research and come up with a realistic approach in your budget. For instance, souvenirs are not necessary, so you might want to leave that off the table upon going home.

5 tips

In conclusion, travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive. As long as you have control in your budget and you have the right approach, you’ll find that you can travel while not having the burden of expense of your shoulders. Travel is about the experience after all, and not about the expense.

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